Palram - Canopia | Mythos 6' x 4' Greenhouse Kit - Silver (HG5005)

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The Mythos 6’ x 4’ Silver series greenhouse is sure to catch your eye! If features a rust-resistant, brushed aluminum frame and heavy-duty galvanized steel base that is designed to stand the test of time. Your plants will love the...

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The Mythos 6’ x 4’ Silver series greenhouse is sure to catch your eye! If features a rust-resistant, brushed aluminum frame and heavy-duty galvanized steel base that is designed to stand the test of time. Your plants will love the diffused light from the clear, twin-wall polycarbonate panels and have the added benefit of twice the heat retention of single-layer panels. Keep your plants happy with the fresh rainwater that you collect from the gutters. Save money by starting your plants early from seed and extending your season by protecting plants from fall frosts. Get growing today and let the Mythos help you bring your green dreams to life.

  • 4mm twin wall roof and side panels - polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable and blocks 99.9% of harmful solar UV rays
  • Rust resistant aluminum frame
  • 24 sq feet growing space and 6.5' of head room
  • Includes adjustable roof vent, rain gutters, lockable door handle and galvanized steel base
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Snow load: 35 pounds per square foot
  • Withstands winds up to 75 mph when incorporated with the anchoring kit
  • Wide roof, high walls 
  • Average setup time four to five hours
  • The Nature Series works with Palram's line of hobby greenhouse accessories to maximize space and a more productive growing season
  • Adjustable roof vent, Rain gutters, Galvanized steel base


Size (ft, rounded): 6 x 4 x 7
Sq Feet: 24
Head Room (feet): 6.5
Length (in): 49.6
Width (in): 72.8
Height (in, peak): 81.9
Sidewall Height : 48.8
Door Width (in): 22.2
Door Height (in): 64.2
Peak : 33.1
Total Product Weight: 66.1
Roof Color : Translucent
Roof & Side Material:  4mm Twin Wall Polycarbonate
Frame Color: Silver
Frame Material : Aluminum

Ship Method: Small Parcel 
Total Box Qty:  1
Box 1 Length 68.10
Box 1 Width 25.70
Box 1 Height 3.90
Box 1 Weight 66.10


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ron burgundy
Palram Greenhouse

This product is cleverly engineered and the directions are easy to follow. It took me several days to do the complete project but only about one day to assemble the greenhouse by myself. First, you have to determine what the house is going to sit on--they recommend a concrete pad; however, that is impractical for most people. I used eight foot treated 4 x 4 posts cut down to the size I needed--two of them are 8' and the other two are 68" and 75". The shortest piece fits between the 8 footers and the longer one goes at the other end of them. This makes the total length of the post frame about 8'4" and 75" wide. The frame of the house mounts in the middle of the 4 x 4 posts. The ground was not level so I found lowest point of the location which happened to be the west post. I dug out the sod for the post and got it level and then dug in the east post and got it level with west post. Then it was just a matter of digging in and connecting the north and south posts. Since I was doing this by myself, I used 90 degree brackets to hold the posts together while I was putting the matting down and drilling holes for and pounding in the rebar. I had the house frame assembled and I laid it on the 4 x 4s to make sure they were square as well as level. I put the rebar in at opposing angles so that the wind cannot pull the base loose. I used a wheelbarrow to haul the 1200 pounds of rocks from my truck in the front yard to the back yard where the greenhouse is located. I put down a 3 inch layer so that the inside of the greenhouse does not become a mud pit from watering. The greenhouse is well designed and although it appears flimsy during construction, it is pretty solid once it is put together. I ran into a single problem with a bolt that would not align up and I don't know why. Something must have shifted because all of a sudden it went together OK. The door was a minor problem as the hinges do not allow for adjustment. The door sagged a bit because of the way it is constructed which caused it not to open/close properly. I used safety wire and made a diagonal brace that solved the problem. I kept catching my toe exiting the building so I got my table saw out and out of three 2 x 4s, I made a little ramp which I painted red. It was a pretty good step down so I went to Home Depot where I found a 16 x 16 x 4 cement slab which worked perfectly as a stepping stone. The shelving is made with old 2 x 4s I had on hand and I bought some 6' treated fence pickets that I cut up for the top. I then covered them with plastic to protect them from water. Looking at the side view of the house, you will see a blue box on the inside which is an electrical plug box. I cut the end off of a heavy duty extension cord, drilled a hole through the 4 x 4 and ran the cord up to the box. When our limited cold weather in San Antonio sets in, I will run an extension cord out to the house and plug in a space heater on the inside. I caulked around the base as that appeared to be where the majority of air leakage might occur. I intend to keep my wife's outdoor plants in the greenhouse from mid November to the first of March. I also will be starting my garden plants from seed and I am going to try growing tomatoes year round. I will attempt to add some pictures so what I've said above may be easier to understand.


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